I'm VERY Much in Love With a NEW Lamp!

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Earlier this month Michal Tomasewicz and myself got introduced to a new lamp by our Photographer friend Jose (Pepe) Carrillo. We where going to Valencia for a shoot Michal was doing at the great museums there. We used LED lights on some stuff, but wooow that flash was amazing, truly an improvement from years of Canon Speedlights, Lumydyne, Elinchroms on location (all great lights) but nothing like this one.

As you see from the natural light overview and the finished image on the top, it is amazing what some knowledge and great light can do. It's some very simple steps to get a result like in Michals image.

TTL works wonderful, between your camera and the TTL-316C transmitter it's just to use a higher shutter speed for a darker background, then adjust the light on the subject by the disired f-stop on your camera.


No more heavy battery packs to carry around. Replaceable memoryless Li-ion battery 12V-7000mAh

Using the Q6 c/n 600ws flash makes me think of a couple of historic events. Like going from Internet with a phone line from the wall to at a very slow speed to wireless (Wi-Fi) fiber  +++ sure freed me up. For me getting wireless phones was huge, have you hade a phone conversation with a cord in the wall lately?! Point made, you get freed up, no more need of looking for outlets, generators or heavy annoying battery bags.

Let me give you some specs with what makes this lamp so much fun and good.


The flash got 1/8000s HSS built in remote control( 1/64 to 1/1)

Memoryless Li-ion Battery inside flash with 12V-7000mAh.

You can buy additional batteries for only EUR 80 or US$ 85 a piece.


LED model light, bulb 12V 35W (with energy saving mode)

About 300 times of flash at full power, the facory say 320, but I want to be on the safe side so I write 300.

You can use and control; up to 3 lamps from the sender and many channals.

The lamp Support NIKON series camera's to realize Hi-speed flash. You will need to buy 1 set NiceFoto Hi-speed trigger NK1)

Triggering with inner 2.4GHz remote control. 100m (328ft) 

Recyckling time 0.1 -3.5 seconds.

1st curtain and 2nd curtain sync.

Overheathing protection.

Buzz Yes (ON/OFF)

NIKON Owners: The lamp Support Nikon series camera's to realize Hi-speed flash. You will need to buy 1 set NiceFoto Hi-speed trigger NK1)

This lamp can be bought from FotoStilFondo, Valencia, Spain. Been in business for 25 years and very dependable in every way. I thought many many seminars all over Spain for them for the last 2o years!

They are having a special right now. Normal Price EUR 642,00 NOW until June 15th 2015. EUR 560 including free shipping worldwide. http://fotostilfondo.com/shop/en/fotostilfondo/1984-flash-autonomo-q-600w.html

Just think how much just a sender and receiver to sync to 1/8000 sec cost. Last time I checked with B&H it would cost me about $438 for a set of Pocket wizards.

To sum up what you get when buying this lamp:

1. Flash head with movable battery 1pc

2. TTL-316C transmitter 1pc

3. Charger 12 V 1pc

4. Belts 2pcs

5 Aluminum case 1pc

6 Manual 1pc

 PS. Again I remind the readers that English is my 3rd language so please forgive my bad English:-)

 PSS. Feel free to email me on kenneth @ kennethlinge. com if you have any questions.

Editorial Bridal Magazine Shoot Part 3 of 3

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So it's time for the last 6 pages of the editorial shoot for Utah Valley Bride magazine. I hope your week has been good so far? Personally I've been spending a total of 5 hours in the dentist chair, and then in pain most of the rest of the time :-) 

Photography is forever a very fun profession, always new things to learn, always room for improvment. 

This is my very favorite of the 18 pages, I coached the groom before we shot, did a few practise runs. He was so good at taking direction and having the right expressions. I love the placement and spacing in it, remember with studio flash I cant shoot 9 frames a second, but get one attempt per jump. We only shoot a few because it just worked so well and we got it on one of the first attempts.

One of my favorite things with this image is the luggage. I brought it with me from Norway in a 40ft container when we moved here in 2000. The small brown one by his feet is one I found at a used store that was exactly like the one my GrandPa always used going to work. So it was exciting to find one and get to use it.

As you can see Mary had a good time using this prop.Best of all you really get contact with her eyes even with such a little part of them showing. What a great girl she is.prp

I think the old style pop bottles look good in there. Again I have to compliment Tyler and Mary for their energy and expressions in every shot.

You can tell how Mary enjoy hassling him. I love his nose. This is another shot where I really like the spacing between their upper bodies. I'm very particular about looking around them before I shoot, especially between them. It makes a difference to have the peace and graphich from the fine tuning in the pose..

I sure enjoyed this shoot, usually we have at least 3 different brides and no groom. Working with them the whole time helped us to stay in the zone and to get a theme having the same feel about it from beginning to end.

To see the whole magazine click on this link: Utah Valley Bride 2013.

Have a great weekend, I will have a new blog post Monday from a cover shoot of the band Neon Trees in Hollywood. 

Kenneth who loves his Elinchrom lights and his Canon cameras.


Editorial Bridal Magazine Shoot Part 2 of 3

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Here we go again. 6 more images and some thoughts about them. Client Bennett Communication for Utah Valley Bride magazine 2013.  

People often talk about posed vs unposed. If you watch a movie every single shot is (posed). Try to think of creating situation, here is a simple one, dancing. The good thing about controlled posing is we can make sure they look good and have good light. It is very rare to see well lit flattering angels on the couple from 100% candid shots. So maybe try to think movie?

I love old cameras, this on is a Bushman 4x5 that was given to me back in the 80's by a retired Accociated Press photographer. It's the camera you see on top of my head in my FB, branding head shots. If the camera could speak I'm sure it has seen a lot. BTW I love Jimmy Choo shoes.

Even the little Yo-Yo makes him get a natural body pose. She is busy trying to look though her glasses and be cool :-)

People really free them self up if they can put on sun glasses, masks and so forth, they are suddenly way less shy.

I like the closeness of their heads but still have a little space rather then smooching them together. and have parts of their faces covering one another.

I often joke about the groom being a prop in the brides pictures, here he is :-)

PS. I will post the last 6 images in 2 days, thanks for stopping by.


Editorial Bridal Magazine Shoot Part 1 of 3

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Happy New Years, yes it's my first blog post this year. 13 is my lucky number so I'm curios about this year.

I have 18 pages of an editorial shoot I did for Utah Valley Bride magazine back in November. The magazine just came out so now I can blog from it. The hardest thing with using models instead of having a real couple is the chemistry  between the models. These two models from an agency was fantastic, look at their great expressions, the way they interacted. The exception to that is in a picture like the first one underneath where I wanted them to be serious and look in the camera, most people seem to be good at that :-) 

In this picture I wanted them to be serious and straight like pictures was almost always back in the day of no flash, slow films and looong exposure times. It was easier to get it sharp that way.


This page is the left side of a 2 page spread that started the article. It also contain some of the shots they did not use put into the film strip.

For this one we cranked up the music loud for him to dance to, love her expression. They are kind of in their own worlds but I think her look ties them together. BTW right side of the spread.

The other years I have shot editorials for this magazine we have shot it with multiple brides and all full body shots. This is the first year with one bride and also using a groom in almost all of them.

I have a silver scatboard in my studio, with 90ft/30m lenght and hard wood floor in there  it can be used to move about . The scate board works well with his silver vest I think.

I love the great interaction between them in this one. This is the last image for today, I will post two more blog posts from it during this week. I have not have anybody editing my bad english this time, so forgive me for the writing part, well I think most of you rather have bad englsih then good Norwegian?

Supermodels With and Without Makeup

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Supermodels without makeup- Remember NOT to compare yourself to the makeup, hair, lighting, photography and retouching you see every day!
EVERYONE is beautiful in their own unique way.

I have worked with photography for almost 40 years and EVERY person I have photographed has been beautiful in their own way. 
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