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Animoto video of Jamie's shoot for "Lighting that Rocks!"

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Here is an Animoto video from Jamie's shoot  for my "Lighting that Rocks" and "Color and Colour" program sections. (See Lighting that ROCKS! blog) We always start a sales appointment with an Animoto video from the clients shoot. It gets them so excited and happy. We include the video in some of our packages and love it when they post it on their Facebook etc. great free marketing.

A little info about Animoto: Animoto is created by TV & film producers, Animoto for photography turns your photos into stunning videos in minutes. Fast, award-winning production value. 300+ free, commercially licensed songs. And now, totally white label.

If you are signing up for an account, you can get a free month and/or save a few dollars using this promocode :-) qwapsjvz Here is a link to the Animoto site, enjoy!

Powerful Two-Light Location Set Up

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Today I want to show you a simple but powerful two light set up for location. The image is of a Mother and son looking at a book together in a nice master bedroom. Main light is an Elinchrom 600 ws Strobe with the 53" Junior Octa my favorite soft box. The second light is a second Elinchrom 600ws unit with a standard reflector placed behing them to the right pointing up in the pitched ceiling. Look closely at the two slim detail crops and see all the second light does! It back lights, lights hair, over all fill lights in addition to lighting up the room evenly. Often simple ways make things look great. I did bring a carload of different lights, never know what you might want and need. Hope your summer is great. For us it has been the second busiest July in my 34 years as a Photographer. Not second most profitable, but second busiest :-)Main light only, Elinchrom 600 ws Strobe w/ the 53" Junior Octa my favorite soft box. Main light + second light a Elinchrom 600ws unit with a standard reflector placed behind them to the right pointing up at the peiched ceiling.

Oslo Workshop–Direct Sun can Work Great!

Workshop in Oslo, Norway together with Roy Gabrielsen and Michal Tomazewicz

When I do workshops I love to challange myself to do something nice with not ideal conditions. Of course the location here is faboulous, it's the new Opera in Oslo. I really liked the glass corner as you see. So i took the challange of hard dirct sun, sometimes we get forced to photograph with light like that, normally I will go up against the sun since I love backlight. Then add whatever ligthsource is best for the given situation. Anyhow here I am shooting in direct sunlight as you can see very well in image number 2, see how hard the shadows are on the ground. It's June 8th at 5:57 pm and that day the sun went down 10:34 pm, yes it is some very nice long days in Oslo this time of year:-) The diffussion panel we had was big but not large enough to diffuse her and the building, so no diffusion. I'm shooting laying on the ground under the reflector shooting @ 28mm full frame. To make my model look good I have her lean forward to get more in level with the camera plane. Have her keep her hips back. This way I avoid distorting her getting big hips, small head etc etc. I use a silver/gold reflector to add a touch of warmth and to lighten up the hard shadows somehow. I tilt her head up more than normal so the sun will hit the triangle on her face. It is really important that everything face the sun right to not get unplesent shadows on her and the dress. Some other things that makes this image work well: She is the most important part of the image, so her skin/hair etc is the minority, the blue creates depth. Blue and yellow are also complimentary colors as you know. So there are several elements that make your eyes go to her more than the surroundings. Hope to see you somewhere in the world soon :-) Thanks for following my blog. 

FUN Photographing People Part 3 class.

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Last Saturday we had a truly great Photographing People Part 3 class here in Orem, Utah. We where suppose to have it in Salt Lake City but moved it to InStudio and Utah Valley because of rain :-) We set up 4 work stations, my main camera room for shooting with strobes , showroom for window light, classroom as an experimental studio with metal halide light etc. Workstation 4 was to go outside regardless of weather and make the best of it. We put two and two students working together pr model. They get one hour to alternate shooting and assisting at each work station. In Part 3 MaryLyn and myself coach going from team to team helping out. This way they can truly learn and experience how much better they can shoot with an assistant. After our Pizza break we all went outside for the night as a group. It was so much fun, we brought portable tungsten spots, reflectors etc. The highlight of the day was when we photographed a Wedding couple 10 ft from a train passing full speed! I want to give you a link to one of the great students, Raquel's Blog here you can see some fun samples from the pictures she shot this day. I think going through the Photographing People Part 1-3 truly help you move up to a level of truly having more professional looking images. Learning to create more depth and dimension in your shots controlling color temperature and also more 3 dimensional lighting. The lamp you see in this overview shots (Thanks Joel Jenkins) is a Lowel 650w Fresnel Spot running with an inverter of a running cars battery. For more info and dates on my classes please go to www.IntSOP.com If you would like one where you live ? then please help me get 15 people together and let's do it :-) 

Swatt the light

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The SUN-SWATTER - the mobile shade on the long pole - is the perfect tool when there is too much or unwanted light. The exclusive development by CALIFORNIA SUNBOUNCE (patent pending) looks like an oversized fly-swatter and enables you to make the shade/diffusion follow the model's movements. Great to create nice diffused sunlight directly to a persons face. Soften backlight when you bounce on a face etc .....so many uses. I LOVE IT! It comes in different amount of blocking light 1/3 which is my personal favorite, also in 2/3 and 3/3. Check it out!