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Be ready for the moment..... and you might be "Lucky!"

Posted on Thursday, March 12, 2009 at 08:44PM by Registered Commenterkennethlinge in , | Comments1 Comment

Here is an oldie picture for you, shot on FILM!!! You remember those cool things you put in your camera? About a year ago I had a student telling me about his first camera and it was digital, I thought wooooow I'm getting old!

Today I want to talk about being ready for the moment! This image was photographed in my living room in Norway about 10 years ago. It is probably my all time favorite image of my kids together. When my friend and great Photographer Michael Gilbert was scanning this from my negative a few years ago I remember he said something wise: "He said you are lucky to have this." Yes sometimes special moments when everything comes together happens, this is a moment like that and I was lucky enough to be there and be able to catch it :-)

It is taken in direct sunlight though the window, the very last strikes of it. I only had a couple of minuttes of that great light, but I try to leave a camera around on AV and f.5 and 400ASA so it is a good chance to get something if I suddenly just need to shoot very fast. The process was pretty normal for me, first I see the good light, then I place the subject in it and click. It is no after effects on this, no vignetting, just natural and true.


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I love this picture so much. I actually remember when you took it. It's a great memory! And I still don't look much different... :P

March 31, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLindsey Linge

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