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Undertease Fashion Shoot, PMA etc.

Posted on Friday, March 6, 2009 at 05:50PM by Registered Commenterkennethlinge in | Comments2 Comments

Hope all is well? I'm just back from Las Vegas consulting and training Photographers for The Little Chapel of Flowers. What a great company, so organized and you better be when you do about 4000 Weddings a year!!! I also got to go to PMA for a day, fun to find some fun new lighting equipment, will come back to that later in another blog. What I wanted to mentioned about this shoot is mainly about the background used in the left and right image. It is material I found at a local shop, bought 1 1/2 yard for about $10 :-)  I want to have new and different backdrops all the time, doing it this way make it much more possible then always wallpapering, painting and buying expensive photographic backdrops,. I do that also, but this really work in addition for some quick reasonable renewing :-)


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Hi, When planning and organising a fashion shoot, where can i get the cheapest but most fashionable clothes?

August 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterPortrait photography

1.Getting some from a store or company, maybe offer them images in trade.
2.I think you can find really cool outfits at used stores like Savers or DI to make cool retro fashion shoots.
3.If you find models that is really fashionable they will have trendy clothes themselves.
4.Nordstrom rack, TjMAXX and Ross can have finds.
5.Try to find local fashion students, they will usally need images of clothes they design in classes.
6.Smaller local designers, starving artists needing images of their work?
7. Yes this was just some thoughts out of my mind, hope it is of some help?


August 7, 2009 | Registered Commenterkennethlinge

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