Supermodels With and Without Makeup

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Supermodels without makeup- Remember NOT to compare yourself to the makeup, hair, lighting, photography and retouching you see every day!
EVERYONE is beautiful in their own unique way.

I have worked with photography for almost 40 years and EVERY person I have photographed has been beautiful in their own way. 

Steve Jobs (1955-2011) - Timeline

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 This great timeline made by amazing web designers fluidcrativity   

Collecting Cameras

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Collecting Cameras New and Old.

Collecting cameras can be fun and inspiering, cheap and expensive. Like the most valuable camera to me is my first camera I got when I was 12 and it will never be for sale in my lifetime. With internet it has been very easy to find what you are looking for, ebay is an amazing place to find the rarest and best.

Old cameras you can find in pawn shops, flee markets, garage sales etc. Even some camera stores have old cameras for sale, I once bought a cool green Leica copy for 50 Euro in a camera store in Budapest. Cameras are so decorative and can be a great prop, it can also be a good investment. Like with all collecting it is usually best to collect 2 or more of something, that way you will be able to let go of one, and help finance the one you want to keep. To many collectors get stuck with all they buy because they can't let go of anything. I do know it's not easy to always get two of many cameras.

One great kind of cameras to collect is toy cameras, it's amazing how much it is to find, a kind friend of mine got me a digital Barbi about 10 years ago. Pink and all :-) His name is Michael Gilbert son of famous photographer Al Gilbert of Toronto, Canada. Some years ago he had an exhibition in The Photography Hall of Fame with 40 or so images displayed next to the toy camera he had taken them with. What a fun project, we need to keep photography FUN if we want to be our best as photographers.

I know I talk to much, so I will post a link that is great for camera collecting. Collectors Weekly.

If you want to see a fun online collection with great links, then go to my Pinterest gallery called "Cameras" the gallery have 1104 images and growing full of fun, rare, old and new cameras. I also have a gallery called  "People with Cameras " which have 497 pictures in it,. This kind of collecting is even FREE and always available. Enjoy!

Underneath is an example of cameras some fun, some cool, some rare, but all enjoyable.

Kenneth the Crazy Viking.

ThE pOwEr Of X-rAy PhOtOgRaPhY

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A while back I came accross the works of british photographer Nick Veasey and it blew my mind!



Nick Veasey was born in Kent (UK) in 1962. His work questions the way we look at what surrounds us, he says that 'the X-Ray is a honest process, it shows things for what they are, what they are made of. (…) It balances against all that glossy, superficial "bollocks". I'm real and straight forward, and so is my work.' Rather than creating images that spark one's desire to be someone else, it highlights the internal structure from which appearances originate. No matter the shape, the color, the texture, our everyday lives are made of molecules and we are all on an even footing. Awarded 'Photographer of the year' by I.P.A. in 2008, his X-Rays can be admired in many international collections, both private and public (Victoria & Albert Museum of London (V&A), the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, and even the Contemporary Art Museum of Taipei. 


 I think Nick can explain his work process much better then me, so I will post a couple of videos.

This 13 min long TED presentation gives you a great overview of how he works and think, I love his sense of humor. 

Nick was comissend by Victora Secrets to photograph plants of all things.

I'm posting some of my favorite images. but if you go to my gallery named Nick Versey on Pinterest I have more then 160 images there + several videos. Most images links to articles and blog posts about him and jis work.

Nicky Veasey imagery utilised in a current Lucozade advert in Great Britain.

The second car I owned was a white  Austin Mini 1000 I loved that car.

This video explain seceral things the Mini project, i took around 500 exposures to make this shot and I think I heard somewhere that the cost was around 20 000 Euro?

Love the use of space in this image.

Amazing use of space and a fantastic composition in my opinion.

I love Vespa's I used to have a White 1971 Vespa 125 Super worth a lot today....

Link to Nick Veasey's web site:

His blog:

Again, link to my Pinterest gallery with Nick with 160+ of his images +videos 

Nick Veasey books on


ThE pOwEr Of BlAcK aNd WhItE...

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My last blog post was called "The Power of Color" and showed pictures that truly is best in color. Today I want to show some great black and white images by some amazing photographers. I will only make a few short comments since I think these images clearly shows the power of black and white, not better then color but each style and technique have it's time in photography. I often say, enjoy the difference to people thats going to travel, or about food and also photography. Hope you will enjoy the master pieces with links in this post.

Lo Olschner, Hamburg, 1954 Photographer: F.C. Gundlach Ocelot coat by Berger

I think black and white sometimes is the perfect retouch tool and take away things in color in the picture that will fight for attention. It gives it a great peaceful feeling. This image is from 1954 and I do not think black and white has gotten any better over time.

I think Herb Ritts is one of the greatest photographers of our time. It was so sad when he died in 2002.He was only 50 and died of complications from pneumonia. One of the high lights to me was to see a whole exhibition of beautiful black and whites photographed in Africa. I find black and white very powerful in graphic images like this one.

One of the greatest photographers today is London based Norwegian photographer Solve Sundsbo (age 42) an extreemly talented photographer with a great ability to choose color vs black and white at the rigth time. Here is a link to tons of his work in Google images.

I love this image by Arnold Newman of Igor Stravinsky, New York, 1946 Many years ago I was fortunate to spend some time with Arnold Newman and his wife. They invited me to come and visit them in New York, but sadly enough he died before I was in New York the next time. An amazing photographer with a great heart and love for our profession and so willing to shear. RIP Arnold Newman.

I miss Irving Penn so much, what a master of B/W! Penn did 158 covers for Vogue, yes it is right One Five Eight which of course had a great influence on photography. I'm posting my all time favorite cover. It's the Vogue April 1950 issue, model is his swedish born wife Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn who he married the same year.

Amazing Black and White Modern Architecture Photography - Wajid Drabu

I want to finish this blog post with a great modern image by Wajid Drabu. This image would never been as powerful in color with all the colors it would contain.

We are fortunate to live in a time where we can deside after we shoot if color or black and white works best. Digital is great but I love good film shots in black and white printed on great silver based paper.

It is so many more great photographers I should have shown work from in this post, photographers like Richard Avedon, George Hurrell, Karl Lagerfeld etc etc. If you click on thier names in this paragraph it will take you to previous blogs I have done on them.

PS. ALWAYS remember english is my second language so bear with me :-)