NO SECRETS! " How to Avoid the 10 Most Common Mistakes Photographers make."

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I will be teaching a class "How to Avoid the 10 Most Common Mistakes Photographers Make" on Saturday May 21st, from 1-5pm @ my InStudio Photographics in Orem, Utah It's number 1 in my new "NO SECRETS series" of half day classes. For so long I have wanted to do this class, simply because I am so frustrated seeing even well know and respected Photographers year after year doing this mistakes. It takes so little, like attending my 4 hour class to make many images go from good to excellent, small things often makes a huge difference. My most important thing in Photography is to make people look their very best with good light, angels, perspective etc so they can feel good about themselves and be a happy returning client.

To make it available to most people I have priced it as my lowest priced class EVER, $85 for 4 hours of education. learning from 36 years of success and failure. Please email: if you want to sign up. This is a class I am just going to promote through FB, Twitter and this blogpost, so we have made no sign up on the web. Hope to see you there.

PS. NO actions or presets can replace lighting a subject well ~ Kenneth Linge


Portfolio ~ Slideshow 53 images

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Here is a selection of my work in a slideshow, enjoy. I'm at the moment looking for 1on1 full day training jobs, seminars and workshops in Europe for the period February - April 2011. Can do some in The USA in March. Please contact me on if interested. I usually go and teach in Europe 3-4 time periodes a year. So lets find a time that work for you. 1 on 1 training have been a great success, I come to your place, you set the schedule. I done it know from Norway in the North, to Dubai and across the atlantic to the USA. PS. Will be in Asia again during June 2011.


Kids and furniture InStudio

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Today's blog is about using furniture for kids photography in the studio. Sometimes people want a more home like feeling for their pictures and so do we. We have many kinds of furniture, even a bed. Today I will focus on a beautiful set provided for us by Gatehouse No. 1 here in Orem. Underneath this image you will see the camera room and how the set it is usually placed along a wall. The length of the camera room is 90 feet so we can also use this furniture and more for some very large families in here. Hope you enjoy!


Both images photographed with Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III. and lights by Elinchrom.


Foreground, middle and background.

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Using foreground, middle and background works well for crating more depth and dimension in a picture. Then adding a warm spot on the subjects faces sure helps make them stand out more. (and no dark eyes )

One of my favorite shots.

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As promised in my blog post about Studio Sitges yesterday here is a post from a shoot I did there during my workshop last month. As most of you know I'm a big fan of Elinchrom, but this day I was trying out a very CRAZY light! The Broncolor Para 220FB Reflector Umbrella as main light. This is a parabolic 7.2' umbrella with 24 braces, with a very shiny silver coating on the inside.

As I was teaching with a projector earlier in the day I kept looking at that big crazy para and  thinking I would really like to try this one out, but maybe it's the wrong time to try a new modifier during a class? Well I thought now or never, so I did.

If you look in the images underneath you can see how the outside edge make a whole "sharp" circle around the room. So I am using the edge of the light to light Luba. When we measured the light it was 1 1/2 f stop brighter on the floor then on her face! I'm only using 2 lamps in this shot, no fill. 

The second light is a standard reflector with a honey comb from the back corner. ( See image underneath, different model but same set up.) See how we use the flag to avoid getting spill light on my lens. Lens flare is great when you want the effect, but if not, I try to protect my glass from getting hit by light.

This overview snapped on my Lumix LX5, really shows how bright the floor in front of her is lit up.

Main shot: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III with 70-200mm f.2.8 @ 115mm and f 20. 1/100 sec. 100 ISO.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I look forward to be back at Studio Sitges in April 2011 for more workshops.