California Sunbounce & Sun-Swatter in Midday Sun.

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Here is another sample of photographing in midday sun:-)

I choose a shaded grey container for background. To get a background darker and colder then her. The light in the shade is much colder then the California Sunbounce Mini Zebra I will be using on her. This way creating more depht and dimension in the image and make her face and skin pop out in the image. This is not a fashion shot so I want more attention to her then the dress.

In the image underneath you can see how it looks in the existing light before I do anything.

As you can see the hair light is too strong and also on the arm, burning it out. It is also not enough and directional light on her face. In the image underneath we have added a California Sunbounce Mini Zebra from the left side of the camera. The eyes goes to the brightest part of the image which is also the minority.

In the final image underneath you can see how it looks at the end as seen in the overview when we have added a California Sun-Swatter Pro above to tune down the hair and edge light and added the California Sunbounce Mini Zebra Sunbounce Silvergold on her. Yes, I use assistants and I think it is a necessary thing to do to get optimal lighting in most cases, especially outside.

This images are taken during my Photographing People Part 1 class in Orem Utah Sept.4th 2010.

For more info on my classes etc go to the The International School of Photography site.


Using iPhone 4 as Main Light.

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I just want to share some fun I had with a class the other day. We went outside a last time as it was getting dark. I wanted to use a row of fun chairs as background. It left me with soft light from above, dark eyes and little direction. So I used my iPhone 4 with the application istrobeLED as main light. In some exposures we used the normal screen on a Nokia phone as a softer fill light. The Canon 85mm 1.2 was the perfect lens for the occasion, it blurs so nicely. Creativity in photography is mostly thought of as different images, but it is also the ability to solve problems.

Canon 85mm 1.2 & 1.4 to a make sure both eyes are sharp. 1/200sec. 500 ISO.

Travel tip 2 - Protecting your camera from theft etc.

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Today I want to share a tip for traveling and protecting your valuable camera.

I'm sure you like me sometimes while traveling end up in some places you don't feel too good about walking around with $ 9000 in your hand. Also walking into many interesting environments with a big gray lens like this things often change. That's why best travel shots often is taken with a point and shoot because life goes on and people don't pay much attention to you. 

The first step of increasing safety from theft is to wrap the camera strap around your wrist, but let me show you something I came up with years ago that have worked very well for me.

A grocery bag, yes that cheap and simple. People don't see your camera, it is protected from dust, sand and water. I still hold on to the strap or wrap it around my wrist. Enjoy your travels, and thanks to Devin from Kenny's Photo for modeling for me.

PS. I always travel with my camera in a hard case Pelican case. I also always travel with hard case suitcases, and lock up my valuables in them when I stay in Hotels, or in a Hotel safe. A camera case is to obvious.


Travel tip 1 - Flying with tripods etc.

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When I go on out of state/country on jobs, bringing larger light stands and a good tripod have been difficult. The great bags made by Manfrotto is just not protective and large enough. I love the Manfrotto bag for smaller set ups locally, it just don't pull it off for me and air travel.

Another thing is the abuse luggage can take with high drops etc in the airports luggage systems. So then I used a ski bag and now even better a HARD CASE golf case. The airports are always happy with ski bags and golf cases, anything else odd I'm not so sure. I was looking at my son Stevens golf case which he use for flying to golf one day, and thought....that should work perfectly!

I the golf case I can have a good camera tripod and couple of light stands and umbrellas. I can also fit my California-Sunbounce Mini & Sun Swatter . It fits well when taken a part even the rod for the swatter. Then I usually trow in some shoes that I rather have there then in my suitcase making clothes wrinkly.

 PS. And YES it got wheels :-)

Image # 6 from 1.1.10 post – 1 lamp only!

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I asked people on Twiiter and Facebook to pick one image to give a how-to lesson on from Friday's blog post called " 1 Shoot - 1 Model - 10 Images " Here is the readers' choice picture.

If we look back at the 10 images, most of them where shot with 4 or 5 strobes including ring flash. I think it is really great that the readers picked the only image done with 1 single light, no reflectors. 

I set up the light in the same position today and shot an overview* for you to see. First of all, simplicity is very often the very best. This dress was her retro dress so I wanted to go with the old style wall paper for the background. See how little you need to wallpaper for a shot like this!. Also, I wanted the lighting to have a more old days feel to it, back when the light used mostly was daylight coming in from windows. My light is an Elinchrom 600 ws Strobe w/ the 53" Junior Octa my favorite all round soft box ever.

I put it far enough behind her that it highlighted what I call the most important part of a face, the triangle. On shots like this, it help to be in a dark studio so you can really see how the light hits her from the modeling light on the strobe. The quality of light in this image comes from being exact with the placement of light and her distance to the background, so you get the right light spill on the background. I set the light to just wrap around her. She is far enough from reflective surfaces to keep the shadows really dark, which I wanted. I kept the softbox as close to her as possible to get the softest light possible to resemble window light and give me max control. Another little detail that is not typically me is the profile that is not clean, just almost, which you often see in paintings, especially old once. (Yes this is a retro shot :-) )

A profile shot is one of many things that should be in a models portfolio, so I wanted the light to emphasize on her profile. Thanks for responding to which image to blog; responses make it so I'm way more motivated to take the time to keep blogging.

* I love overviews and I know they are helpful, but PLEASE forgive me for not always having them. There are reasons! When I get into a shot and a rhythm it can really break it to suddenly starting thinking about and shooting overviews. Sometimes, like in workshops, I invite a past student to come and shoot overviews for me. I will try to bring in a photographer more often to do them in the future, especially since I will be coming out with a book on lighting in November 2011.

Just wanted to post another exposure to show I quick variation on the same set up. This is also another "rule breaker" because there is more space behind her face than in front. That gives it impact. Know the rules, then break them at the right times. This image was processed with one click only with a brand new action my wife MaryLyn just made. Main image on top Photoshopped by MaryLyn and I have no clue what she did, haha.