1 Shoot - 1 Model - 10 Images

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Welcome to the most images I have ever put into one blog post. Thanks Savanna :-)

Hi everyone, Todays blog is a bit different than normal. I usually make my blog posts very educational which I do prefer and believe in. That means that I usually post one image and maybe some overviews clarifying what's been done. 

This post is in honor of a friend that claims he never looks at blog posts unless they have many pictures, so here it is Scott :-) It is kind of the old test, you are only as good as your last job. I finished this shoot about 24 hours ago. The job is photographing beautiful, sweet Savanna who has signed with Elite Model Management in NYC. She is flying out tomorrow with her parents for some training and her sister is doing a shoot for Seventeen Magazine. Savannah needs to put together some portfolio shots for the trip, that is why all these images are in the 3:4 format, because standard size for model portfolios is 9 x 12. It was her very first model shoot and it was an honor to be the photographer for it. How old do you think she is? 13 with a bright future, and parents behind her that will totally look after her; good to see.

I used 2-5 strobes in these shots and sometimes a reflector in addition. All Elinchrom which I love except my ring flash is an Alien Bee. 5 different light modifiers on the Elinchrom strobes.

See I can't post without talking about the images—I want to share. I will put one overview under image number 10. Now I will try to not comment anymore, hope you enjoy looking at 10 images from 1 shoot of 1 beautiful, promising model. I think it would be fun if the readers would suggest 1 image with a comment about what they would want on a seperate blog post. Maybe about how it was done? All shots Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III.


Yes this is the light set up on two images up, 3 backlights, a fill into wall and ceiling behind me ( neutral grey walls) then my ring flash, see the shadow behind her, and then look how cool it works on the actual image :-) PS. Yes, the lamp with the beauty dish is not on in this shot, have a great weekend!

Gregory Colbert ~ Ashes and Snow

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Born in Toronto, Canada in 1960, Gregory Colbert is a film-maker and photographer best known as the creator of Ashes and Snow an exhibition of photographic artworks and films housed in the Nomadic Museum.

To date, Ashes and Snow has attracted more than 10 million visitors, making it the most attended exhibition by a living artist in history.

About 5 years ago I was really tired and in great need of a break. I flew to Maui to spend 5 days at my dear friends Nancy & Michael Gilbert. Their home is sitting in a very beautiful place on a hill in Kihei. They spoiled me, fresh juice from fruit in their garden in the morning etc etc. 

One day Michael which BTW is as a marvelous Photographer and Artist (also from Toronto like Gregory) walked over to me and put a book in my hands. It had such an instant impact the way it was bound and designed. I opened it and was like knocked over. Page after page all I could say was amazing, unbelievable, from beginning to end.

Gregory Colbert have truly made something VERY unique for generations to enjoy and marvel at.

Take a look at Ashes and Snow website etc  from the links underneath. See the perfect books for you and such great gifts, something truly amazing to share. You will not want to miss out on the work of this project!

I wanted to make this blog in my series of Great Photographers in case some of you have missed out on this great project for some reason. ENJOY! Tell me what you think?

WEB: ashesandsnow.org  WIKI: Gregory Colbert  WIKI: Ashes and Snow  YouTube: Ashes and Snow

Diffusing and Redirecting Light

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Sometimes we have a subject and we want a certain background and the light is coming in from a totally wrong direction like in this case. We wanted to use the beautiful mountains as a background and incorporate this seniors Harley Davidson. Image #1 is one we took for fun for Mom who is holding the diffusor. The "bad " news is that the sun is coming in to his right and hitting him very strongly Picture #2.

First thing we is to put up a difussion screen to "turn" down the sharp light on his shoulder and head #2. The sun is pretty low, so we can diffuse all of him + the whole motorcycle with a Lastolite diffuser, if the sun had been really hi I would need my Sun-Swatter or two people on ladders etc etc.

After diffusing the sun coming in from his back/right (Pic #2) we added a Photoflex Silver reflector (Pic #2&3) as a main light making sure it was stronger then the back/right light. Why silver? Because the color of the sun was getting pretty warm probably around 4300K otherwise we might have used a silver/gold or gold reflector. I wanted him warmer to add more depth and dimension in the image. The colder background is also helping.

Pic #4 is just to show a sample of a full body shot. See how different the background is in image #1 and #4 because of the different camera stand point. I love sun, clody days have it's charm, but sun gives you the punch :-) Have a great weekend. 

Darkness, a MUST iPhone app for Photographers.

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In the old days I had to go to the local newspaper to get the times for sunrise and sunset for the year. Then came internet and sites with that information. Today we have a fantastic tool in the application Darkness for iPhone. It's the perfect tool in planning times for shoots with clients etc. I teach all over the world and in planning outdoors demonstrations I can see exactly when the sun goes up or down that exact day++

One feature I really like is how it tell you when Noon is, it is seldom at 12pm. Last year on a workshop I did in London I remember it was at 1:27pm. I love to photograph in midday sun so I did my demo for that then, not at 12:00.

A special ‘Current Location’ city can also be used, which tracks your position using GPS, giving you sunrise, sunset and other information for exactly wherever you may be.

To buy this application or for more information go to website of the makers, Bjango  or to the  iTunes store. Price $1.99

NEWS. We just set a time for the next Photographing People Part 1 Class here in Utah. Saturday July 31st.

I Love to Photograph in Midday SUN :-) Part 3 of 4.

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Today we are going to talk about what very many Photographers consider the biggest problem with reflectors. Subjects having a hard time with the bright light. I will teach you a very simple and easy trick today. Then I will talk a bit about advice in general to help clients handle bright light better. Let's start with Image 1.

Image 1. This is a typical set up for a bright sun shot. We have the sun hit her from behind to get a nice white veil etc. The problem here is the light from our silver reflector is very bright and it is hard for her to keep her eyes open. So here is the solution. We asked the bride to close her eyes and relax while we set the light. We usually try to make the reflected light match the backlight. When we feel good about the light, we turn it off, and have her open her eyes and we talk with her about how we want her to close they eyes again, and tell her we will count to 1-2-3. We want her to open the eyes on 3, and I will take 3-4 fast exposures, almost always at least one of them have big eyes. When people open their eyes they usually fully open before they close them to defend themselves against the bright light hitting them. I do this a couple of times to be sure I have what I need. 

Image 2. Here we have a nice shot of Mimi with her beautiful eyes, after using the 1-2-3 technique. I have always hated to do anything 1-2-3 in Photography, but I have to admit it sure works in this case. 

We have to remember, especially if clients come from being inside and out to the bright sun, it takes their eyes a while to adjust to the brightness. If it's a bridal shoot, like in this case, I will maybe use the first 10 minutes when we get out to talk about the shoot, how she is doing etc. giving her time to get used to the bright light. People that always seem to wear sunglasses seem to have the hardest time with bright light.

Once I was doing an engagement shoot and the groom could not even keep his eyes open in the shade. He was SO light sensitive. This was 4 months before their Wedding Day. I asked if he used sunglasses a lot. He sad ALWAYS! So I told him in a kind way, that if he wanted great pictures on the big day, I suggest he not wear sunglasses again before the wedding. The wedding day came, it was a very bright sunny July day, 103ºF and Utah has such a bright sunlight. We started taking pictures and he had no problem with his eyes on any location or under any condition. I complemented him and he told me had not used sunglasses since the engagement shoot 4 months earlier. Woooow! Great commitment to pictures, and he sure looked great and so did his bride.